The 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU 2017)

1 - 5 April 2017 – Bangabandhu International Conference Center

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The celebration of Mighty MICE to its second year of establishment with the great proudness of serving Shure – DIS Digital Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System, ISO 4043 Interpreter Booths and Shure-DIS Conference Microphone in the “136th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU 2017) at Bangabandhu International Conference Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Might MICE and DLC Events, a Shure Conferencing Network colleague from Dubai, UAE, co-worked in this grand event of the year 2017. The two parties brought 2,000 sets of DIS Digital Infra-red Receivers, 48 sets of ISO 4043 Interpreter Booths branded Audipack and Multi-caisse as well as 750 units of Shure DIS Digital Conference Microphones for this IPU. It could be said that this event was the combination of the greatest equipment, technology and the conference equipment experts from Mighty MICE, DLC Events, and Shure (Denmark & Hong Kong) to accomplish the assigned task for IPU.



The duration of 18 days From March 20 to April 8 in a country where is totally different from our hometown but it was a valuable experience in our careers motivated us to successfully accomplish this assignment and we all look forward to serve IPU again with our equipment in the very near future.

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