Fujitsu World Tour : Asia Conference Bangkok
21 November 2017 – Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, Bangkok

It was a great challenging experience for Mighty MICE team having a great and rare opportunity serving Fujitsu from Japan with our Shure-DIS Digital Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System, Interpreter Booth, Audio-Visual-Lighting Systems, as well as Backdrop production for this gigantic electronical manufacturer from Japan.

The working with our colleagues from CLS Vietnam and key organizing staffs from Fujitsu, Japan, we had to perform under the strict rules and regulations which all had been scheduled as the Japanese working style. The equipment had been selected with all specified models and brands, however, our technical team recommended to re-plan that too complicated diagram to our simpler system but effective. The organizer saw that our system was also respond to their needs then agreed to change.


The three 16:9 projection screens displayed similar images but they had a small difference but all screens needed to be switched PowerPoint slides which were from different inputs at the same time, no delay. The recommended system worked very well and Fujitsu was satisfied with Mighty MICE performance together with the cooperation from CLS Vietnam.

The conference went well and successfully finished with “Two Thumbs Up” from all parties involved in this preparation and we look forward for the next cooperation again in the very near future.

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