The 7th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable
1 - 3 November 2017 – Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok

The 7th Asian Ministerial Energy Roundtable has always been referred to one of the highest care of the well-selecting conference equipment especially the Digital Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System and Digital Conference Microphone were selected. It was as expected that these aforementioned Digital Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System and Conference Microphones from Shure-DIS could effectively proof their potentiality, standard and flexibility.


In this conference, five Interpreter Booths were set up in Ballroom II-III for main meeting of Ministerial Sessions, however, in Ballroom I which was needed the interpretation as well but the organizer did not want to see any booths setup in there. The Digital Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System could prove its potentiality over all Interpretation Systems mostly those Radio Frequency types, Mighty MICE’s technicians equipped two DIS RA 6025 Digital Infra-red Radiators in Ballroom I for distributing the five Interpreted languages consisted of Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and Thai for the Inaugural Ceremony there. This cross-the-room performance impressed the client a lot because of its no interference, disturbance, super clear sound and it could build up a lot more confidence in Mighty MICE’s Shure-DIS Digital Infra-red Simultaneous Interpretation System.


Besides providing the Shure-DIS Digital Infra-red Interpretation System and Shure-DIS Conference Microphone System, Mighty MICE also provided Wireless Digital Voting System as well as Computer and related equipment for document productions to this grand conference of the Thai government.

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