Conference Audio System

For a medium to large size of meeting and conference, the selection of a quality sound system could fulfill the perfectness of your meeting.


It is because the using of a better audio system from outsourcing supplier than the built in at venue could give you very good advantage which are the flexibility to respond to the various needs of the client and it could give you a lot more confident of its outcome which has been selected for the best fit for various purpose as well as having technical expertised-staffs take care of the system from the beginning till the end.


“Mighty MICE” provides Conference Audio System which offers high performance and high quality for each scale of meeting together with the technical staffs who will be on duty from setup, rehearsal, show time, to dismantling. In the case of Conference Audio System, various type of Microphones could be provided for various needs of use

Countryman or ISOMAX Wireless Microphone

This type of wireless microphone is very famous nowadays especially in live show and presentation since it is very comfortable and always able to catch the speaker’s voice no matter how he lows, looks up, or whichever side he turns his face to as well as the provision of freedom in using his hands for the presentation regardless of handling the whole piece of microphone anymore.

Wired Handheld Microphone

Clip or Lavalier Wireless Microphone

Wireless Handheld Microphone

Podium Microphone

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