Simultaneous Interpretation System

“Interpretation System and Interpreter’s Booth”

DIS DR 6032
is a general calling name of this device, DIS/Shure has amazingly developed this fascinating and complicating device to be used in the international conferences.

DIS or Danish Interpretation System ( and Shure have been long producing the SI equipment with high quality and high technology till complying with IEC 61603-Part7.

Mighty MICE is a rental Interpretation System company in Thailand which uses DIS Infra-red System in all kind of meetings and conferences.


DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System comprises of devices listed below :

DIS DR 6032
1. DR 6032 Digital Infra-red Receiver
Receiving signal wirelessly through Infra-red radiation from Radiator. With 32 channels maximum of interpretation languages makes DIS DR 6032 one of the best interpretation system of the world.

2. Shure DIS-CCU 6000 Central Control Unit
The Heart of the SI and Conference Microphone is here. The Central Control Unit comes up with multi-functional operation control together with SW 6000 which is the very effective software control for all kind of DIS/Shure Meeting equipment.

3. DT 6008/32 Digital Transmitter 8/32 Channels
The dividing each interpretation languages into each channels is the function of this Transmitter.

4. RA 6025 Digital Infra-red Radiator
Next from the Transmitter is Radiator. This device has to be setup around the meeting room to generate coverage area for transmitting interpretation signal for the audiences in a meeting room.

5. IS 6132P Digital Interpreter’s Unit
A very useful and important tool for interpreter is IS 6132P in which could facilitate interpreters in their works. Relay is also a useful function in this device.

6. JB 6104 Junction Box
One of the important part that Mighty MICE would bring to use in every job in which could help us add or remove equipment such as Conference Microphone or Interpreter’s Unit easily and without restarting the system.

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