Conference Equipment Rental Services

  • Simultaneous Interpretation Headphone
    Receiving signal wirelessly through Infra-red radiation from Radiator. With 32 channels maximum of interpretation languages makes DIS DR 6032 one of the best interpretation system of the world.


  • Tour Guide Hearing Assistance
    Tour Guide is another calling name of this device in which is good for enhancing hearing ability while proceeding for site visiting in a noisy places such as factories, plants, outdoor attractions or places that need silence, for instance museum, hospital, and offices etc.


  • Interpreters
    The Interpreter is another service that Might MICE could provide and searching for proper interpreters for each event. We have both Simultaneous and Consecutive types. They are all experienced and specialized in different field for translation.


  • Audio – Visual System for Conference
    Mighty MICE serves your event with Audio and Visual System for conference which could be called as the important equipment for the presentation. The equipment that we frequently provide for the client are :


  • Backdrop – Sign Printing & Design
    The Backdrop and sign could create a great grand beauty for the conference. Nowadays, most of the organizer oftenly decorating the meeting room with the Backdrop for their group photo. Mighty MICE could propose with many sizes of Backdrop and signs productions.


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